What We Do

We unlock access to the carbon market for smallholder farmers.

Our technology platform and support make it simple to create transparent and robust forest carbon removals with smallholder farmers.

We help our reforestation partners to successfully design, manage, and scale their forest carbon projects.

Design your project for success

We ensure our partners’ projects are set up to create robust forest carbon removals. Each project’s design is foundational to successfully growing trees for the long term, so we work with all of our partners to:

  • Review your current project design
  • Identify gaps to build a successful forest carbon project at scale
  • Integrate our technology-based approach to create transparent and robust forest carbon removals

Manage and track the trees you grow

Our integrated mobile and web platform alongside our dedicated support team make it simple to manage and track your forest carbon project. From registering and recruiting farmers and land to monitoring trees grown and carbon sequestered we provide the tools to help you:

  • Meet your tree and carbon targets by tracking farmer and parcel performance over time
  • Optimise operations by tracking project and technician activities
  • Scale your impact by digitising data collection and automating time consuming reporting

Issue ready-to-sell carbon removals

Our automated reporting makes it simple for you to create high quality carbon removals recognised by the market. We combine field and remote sensing data to create verified proof of the carbon your project is removing from the atmosphere. Our reporting is:

  • Rigorous, following science-based and third-party approved methodologies
  • Auditable, to make compliance with buyers, project certifiers, and verifiers easy
  • Transparent, to trace your impact down to every parcel and farmer in your project

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